“Is the Castlevania Series Catholic?”–Update

I added a few more additions and notes to the list. This will probably be a blog post I go back to occasionally as I seem to notice more and more things as time goes on! Please take another look. 🙂

Daniel in the Lions' Blog

Castlevania-Symphony-of-the-Night-Art.jpg Official artwork from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Notice his cross clutched tightly in hand.

I thought I’d switch things up a bit here, and start a new section of the blog where I take an in-depth look at many different Catholic/Christian influences found in pop culture. This week I’m taking a look one of my favorite video game series, Castlevania!

In this action adventure series, you typically play as one of the many vampire hunters belonging to the Belmont clan (there’s been a few surprises), who have dedicated their lives to fighting the forces of darkness summoned forth by the legendary vampire himself, Dracula. I’ll be exploring a number of different catholic influences I’ve begun to discover through my time spent playing the series.

In these pop culture articles, I’m hoping for some folks out there that it will inspire you to return to the Catholic…

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